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How Obama Can Help Pay Your Tuition

1. Get on a Payment Plan

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Many schools work with students to space their payments out in monthly installments over the semester or even the calendar year. Sometimes schools charge more for monthly payments, an enrollment fee or a down payment for a percentage of your tuition fees.

Some work with external companies that provide this kind of financing. Contact your financial aid office to learn about your school's options. One of the benefits of payment plans are that they give you time, which may allow you to find a job during the school year to help make up your shortfall.

If your parents are helping you pay for school, payment plans also make it easier for them to contribute because they can allocate a certain portion of their monthly budget toward the bill rather than paying tuition fees in a lump sum.

Just because your school already provided you with a financial aid package doesn't mean they can't help you a little more. Many schools have scholarships and emergency financial aid available for students who have unmet financial need or are experiencing financial difficulties. They might be able to suggest grants to apply for, help you find a work-study or campus job or find additional aid for you.

Think of your school's financial aid officers as your allies. The better they know you and your financial situation, the more options they may have should you need help paying tuition fees. Private student loans are always an option, even at the last minute.

Most lenders will take applications year round. Private student loans can help bridge the gap between what you owe and what you can pay out of pocket. Even if you've already borrowed money from a private lender this year, you might still be eligible to apply for more funds. Private student loans can offer lower interest rates than credit cards, especially when the average student credit card interest rate starts at Many schools don't accept credit cards as a method for paying college tuition.

Those that do often charge an additional processing or convenience fee, which is usually a percentage of the transaction. If you add that fee to the high interest rates that you'll be charged on your balance, then it makes tuition much more expensive. You also have the option to defer your private student loans, which means you won't have to start paying them back until after you graduate.

While convenient, this also means you will end up paying more in interest, so you should consider making even small payments while you're in school. You can apply for private student loans with an easy and straightforward online application and a credit check. In addition to its college gift registry, GiftofCollege. In addition to the satisfaction of giving a more meaningful monetary present, gift givers may also benefit.

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Social media and other services can make asking for money easier. Sharing is Nice Yes, send me a copy of this email.

Send We respect your privacy. Oops, we messed up. Have you asked others to contribute to college tuition costs? Tell us in the comments section below. A Gift Card for College Gift cards are perennial holiday presents, and now you can buy them for college savings accounts.

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Total strangers helping students pay for college By Tamara 05/29/ Share. If you are getting ready to go to college soon, you Today’s college students are reaching out to complete strangers through the use of crowd funding to help cover everything from tuition to study abroad trips. While the majority of crowd funding sites originated.

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Paying Tuition & Other Costs. Regardless of which college or career school you choose, you'll probably need help paying for your tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.

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Help · Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Our goal is to get you to. Visit the link to download all the requirements and the Student's Guide. $ million in tuition assistance for . President Obama helping to pay your tuition? It's possible - learn how through Fastweb.