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International Business Essay

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❶Private enterprises seek to function profitably as well. Then there is the organizational trend that refers the growing knowledge competition businesses are confronted with.

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International Business Summary
Here are our top five tips for writing a business school admissions essay:

Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on International Business specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Who benefits from the globalization of health care? How to cite this page Choose cite format: Investigating International Business P5: Understand the Strategies Used by International Businesses.

Illness , International business How about make it original? That being said, developing a good HRM strategy and implementing one is a different matter. Studies show that managers tend to leave companies after resettling and companies themselves report HRM is their weakest point in their business. To bridge the gap of HRM and the reality of it, companies need to make it an agenda or action plan. The alignment of HRM strategies with all operations is key. MNEs need to consider whether they use local, citizen, non-citizen or expatriates employees.

MNEs apply these frameworks to their staffing policies via in three different types of frameworks. The ethnocentric approach is based on the belief in the supremacy of the home HRM.

Being based in the core competencies of the managers, it can blind HRM policies to country difference and dulls competitiveness. The polycentric approach is a HRN policy that is country specific. This approach usually provides good use of local managers although the responsibility transfers to new company and disengagement of local staff with international offices can occur. Thirdly, the geocentric approach looks for best candidates globally. Though a hard and costly endeavour to develop it is also an approach where the gap between reality and theory is big and it is thought to be impossible to manage.

Normally when companies decide to send expatriates to set a new branch or subsidiary they would have a team that has a finance person, a person with good entrepreneurial skills and a line manager with excellent soft skills. These skills seem to cover the range of knowledge and expertise needed to overcome cultural, economic and legal issues. However, a major decision lies in the choice of expatriate candidate.

A good expatriate candidate possesses the qualities of technical expertise, adaptive skills and leadership abilities. The biggest problem to success is how the spouse of the expatriate handles the move. To solve the problem companies develop a preparation and development program, which includes general country understanding, cultural sensitivity, and practical skills, training gaps and skills i. For the expatriate themselves, they too have a range of compensation plans on potentially available to them.

These include home-based plans, headquarters based plans, host- based plans. Included in these are the salary plans for expatriates, which are comprised of a combination of base salary, allowances which can include tax benefit and fringe benefit such as medical coverage and Foreign Service premiums. Similarly, building an organization to implement a strategy is difficult. Consideration has to be made with various different ways to address issues such as information systems, human resources, etc.

Traditionally companies build systems using formal structures. Nowadays, there are two trends emerging. Environmental refers to the diffusing of international business and globalization. A controlled border always has some method of documenting and recording people movements across the border for later tracking and checking compliance with any conditions associated with the Visa or any other border crossing conditions.

A controlled border places limitations on what a person crossing the border can do in the new jurisdiction, this is usually manifested in limitations on employment and also it limits the length of time the person can legally remain in the new jurisdiction. A controlled border often requires some type of barrier, such as a river, ocean or fence to ensure that the border controls are not bypassed so that any people wishing to cross the border are directed to authorize border crossing points where any border crossing conditions can be properly monitored.

Given the large scale movement of people today for work, holidays, study and other reasons a controlled border also requires internal checks and internal enforcement within the jurisdiction to ensure that any people who have entered the jurisdiction are in fact complying with any border crossing conditions and that they are not overstaying to reside illegally or as an undocumented resident.

Most international borders are by legislative intent of the controlled border type. However when there is a lack of adequate internal enforcement or if the borders are land borders, often the border is only controlled on part of the border and other parts of the border may remain open to such an extent that, it may be considered as an open border due to lack of supervision and enforcement.

A closed border is a border that prevents movement of people between different jurisdictions with limited or no exceptions associated with this movement. These borders normally have fences or walls in which any gates or border crossings are closed and if these border gates are opened they generally only allow movement of people in exceptional circumstances.

The government is encouraging gradual internalization. Financial intuitions will settle more of the cross border transaction and expected to be used in growing range of crossing transaction border in next five year including limited capital account convertibility in next 5 year.

Develop binding commitments with exceptions trade rules should establish cross border data flows as a mandatory legal norm while providing sufficient policy space for governments to restrict data flows where necessary to achieve other legitimate policy goals. Such restrictions should also be designed and applied in a non discriminatory, least trade restrictive and transparent manner.

Intra Country Data Flows commitments on cross border data flows should include a commitment to also not restrict intracountry data flows. There is no commercially sound reason for rules on the cross border data flows to not also apply to their movement within a country. And once data is allowed across borders, many of the reasons for government restrictions on intra country data flows diminish if not entirely disappear.

International standards global industry standards and interoperability criteria will underpin growth in cross border data flows, such as the ability of users to access and use digital content across devices.

Governments should commit to developing international standards with the aim of underpinning technology development that is consistent with Internet operability. Location of Data Centers requiring data center to be located domestically undermines the cost effectiveness of cloud based computing services where so called location independence is important. Governments should commit to similar rules for all cloud based computing services. Rules on transparency Internet restrictions on cross border data flows are often implemented in an arbitrary and non transparent manner.

Moreover, Internet restrictions on cross border data flows raise specific issues that require additional commitments in the following areas. A designated contact point in the government agency responsible for restrictions on cross border information flows. Provision of advanced notice of any proposed measures affecting cross border data flows, including the reasons for the proposed restriction. Opportunities for interested parties such as businesses or individuals to present their views on the proposed restriction and a requirement for written and reasoned responses.

Cross Border Data Flow governments should also prioritize developing norms of conduct amongst governments with respect to the Internet. In addition to the role of binding trade rules here, governments should develop principles governing access to and use of the Internet. For example, the US and Japan have agreed to Internet principles that emphasize the preservation of an open and interoperable Internet and a balanced approach to issues such as privacy and intellectual property rights so as not to impede the cross border flow of information.

For each important limitation that I will identify, specify the type. For example, is it no differential misclassification of exposure or outcome , or is it a more dangerous limitation that is, a differential bias such as selection bias, information bias, or confounding?

Or, perhaps the limitation is not related to internal validity, but is instead a matter of external validity such as limited generalizability of study findings. As a starting point, consider limitations mentioned by the prior literature on my exposure and outcome of interest. Other limitations may have an unpredictable impact on your findings.

In general, limitations that lead to a bias toward the null are considered less dangerous than limitations that cause a bias away from the null. On the other hand, limitations that lead to a conclusion that my exposure impacts my outcome when it does not are often considered more dangerous.

Discuss these alternative both advantage and disadvantage and clearly explain to the reviewer why i chose the approach. This can be persuasive evidence in support of the approach that ultimately chose to take, or it can lead me to reconsider this decision. At the least, it will help me to become adept at defending my decision. Minimize my study limitations, first consult prior studies of On my exposure and outcome of interest.

Did these studies use design or analysis techniques to minimize limitations that would be prudent for me to adopt as well? Examples of design techniques to minimize study limitations include:

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Essay about international business The first similarity general and apparent similarity from the two articles is that both talk about the research methodologies in international trade. The second article clearly . International business operates in countries with different cultures, so the same formal parameters of starting a new business (the amount of capital raised, number of employees, production assets, performance incentives, etc.) can be implemented, when used in different cultural environments, and lead to different results.