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N 536 - Utilization of Nursing Research in Advanced Practice


❶Current evidence suggests that a nurse's attitude towards research is the only individual characteristic that is consistently with a positive effect related to research utilization in general and the different kinds of research utilization.

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Research utilization is the process of synthesizing, disseminating, and using research-generated knowledge to make an impact on or change in the existing nursing practice. The research utilization process was developed years ago to address the problems of using research findings in practice.

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Nurses’ research utilization (RU) as part of evidence-based practice is strongly emphasized in today’s nursing education and clinical practice. The primary aim of RU is to provide high-quality nursing care to patients.

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The Utilization of Nursing Research: The Utilization of Nursing Research During s & early s, research utilization became an important buzz (ring) word. Several changes in nursing education and nursing research were encouraged to develop a knowledge base for nursing practice. Jul 13,  · Understanding factors supporting the uptake of evidence can inform the design of strategies to narrow these EBP gaps. Although research utilization (RU) and the factors associated with EBP have been reported in several health disciplines, to date this area has not been reviewed comprehensively in the chiropractic profession.

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Nursing Research Utilization Assignment Grading Criteria Student Name Due Date Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal: Topic Selection Week One Select a clinical issue or work setting problem. This issue will be the focus of the ongoing individual assignments over the next six weeks. The primary goal of this course is to promote an evidence-based approach to advanced nursing practice. Evidenced-based research findings for nursing practice will be evaluated in terms of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic relevance.