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The long summer holidays are over - bedtime is coming back into line, the first days of term have gone well and everyone has settled back into the rhythm of school.

Parents are feeling justifiably relieved - only to find a book bag full of homework to brighten up the weekend. Now, most parents will be only too keen to support their children's work in school, but if only it were a stress- and anxiety-free activity. The reality for many families is that homework is a flashpoint for tears, tantrums and arguments. Of course, some parents see homework as a reassuring sign that a school is taking pupils' academic progress seriously and even base their choice of schools on the amount of homework set.

But for others it is another task to stage-manage in the already fraught and busy cycle of family life - and all the more so for primary-age children who are not old enough to take responsibility for completing it unaided.

Prof Sue Hallam, of the Institute of Education at London University, has researched the subject of homework extensively. She believes much of the friction for families is down to increased amounts of formal written school work making its way onto the family kitchen table.

Parents get upset and the child gets upset. It's the kind of homework being set that is some of the problem, I think. They want the time they have with their children to be quality 'nice' time. The current trend for formal primary school homework began in , when the then Education Secretary, David Blunkett, put out voluntary recommendations for schools in England and Wales and offered support for the introduction of homework clubs.

The guidelines suggested pupils in Years 1 and 2 ages five to seven should do 10 minutes of homework a night, stretching to 30 minutes a day for pupils in Years 5 and 6 ages nine to They recommended pupils in the first year of secondary should be doing up to 90 minutes a night, increasing to up to two and a half hours a night for those studying for their GCSEs Years 10 and In her book, Homework: In defence of his recommendations, Mr Blunkett told the BBC they were "not some sort of central imposition", rather an attempt to raise attainment for all.

This does not mean Mr Gove does not believe in homework, rather that head teachers should decide the best approach for their pupils, free from "unnecessary bureaucratic guidance". But while this government takes a hands-off approach to homework, the pressure is still on, as Prof Hallam points out. This government has ratcheted up the number of children that must get these levels or the school can be forced to become an academy," she says.

Homework therefore is a means of getting children to do more and more work, which will help them achieve the levels they need. So as the scrutiny of Ofsted inspections, league tables and forced academisation continues, at least in England, homework is unlikely to be scrapped. Generally, a news article will jump right in. They tend to start with the where and when part of the story.

The introduction should say that there has been an earthquake and state the general area where said earthquake occurred. Leave the specifics for your body paragraphs. The simple fact that there was an earthquake should be sufficent to draw your reader in. But it sounds like this is not really an article but rather a TV news story. In that case, you need to sound dramatic. You need to pick some individual, perhaps, and lead with "At 6 AM, Person X was in the middle of her morning routine That will be a bit dramatic the way TV news likes to be.

As the others have mentioned, creating a sene of immediacy is important. I need help to write a news report on an earthquakeI have an assignment due this friday that pretend i am a news reporter and that u have just received a word of an earthquake, prepare a news feed Expert Answers stolperia Certified Educator. You could include public information and directions - tell Related Questions I have a personal narrative due on friday and it has to be about a life lesson we have learned Imagine that you are a It has to have as much detail How should I do it using the 5 Ws?

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